Aurelia Stern

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First Princess[edit | edit source]

Aurelia Stern is the eldest of King Magnus Stern's children and holds the title of First Princess of Izaria. This title comes with much responsibility: she is in command of the outpost of Fort Denathas where she spends much of her time defending the people against the white wolves that come from the Bloodpass to raid human settlements. She does her job exceptionally well and wears her long cloak made of wolf pelts proudly as it is a testament to the many wolves she’s slain to protect humanity.

Fanged Wolf of Izaria[edit | edit source]

As a leader, Aurelia is demanding. Her training methods are brutal; she sets routines that others have described to be unnecessarily grueling. As a result, the men under her command will always be in peak physical condition to defend against any foe that dares approach, but they will obey more out of fear than out of love. None dare defy her however, as to do so means to cross her sharp blade or her cold, sharper fury which will quail even the stoutest heart. Her allies will refer to her out of fear and admiration as the Bloodpass Witch; foes call her the Fanged Wolf of Izaria.

Older Sister[edit | edit source]

To Aurelia, nothing is more important than protecting her family, especially her two younger brothers. This is what motivates her to push herself and those around her so hard. So when she heard that Marcus opted to join the Templars, she tried to dissuade him, but to no avail. The relationship between Marcus and Aurelia still endures as Aurelia’s love for her siblings supersedes all other priorities and Marcus sees her as someone who’s dependable, even if he feels a bit uneasy and intimidated while around her.