Kaede Kouzuki

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Kaede the Ninja.

Ninja-in-training[edit | edit source]

Kaede hails from an isolated village on the island of Akitsu where she's been trained as a ninja and loves her teachers and fellow trainees as though they were close family. Her bubbly, expressive personality is a sharp contrast to the more stoic nature of most other ninja and sometimes, her inner nature clashes with her training. Because of this, there are moments where she longs to live the normal life of a 16-year old girl. Given her ninja training, Kaede often uses her stealth to great effect, relying on shuriken and kunai when she needs to attack from range or two short swords when in melee. Additionally, Kaede is also capable of handling explosives (like smoke bombs) and mystical scrolls of ninjutsu that allow her to enhance her abilities further. [1]

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