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The Game

Project Phoenix is a sprawling adventure where you travel and battle enemies across a vast land. The gameplay feels like a more focused Real Time Strategy (RTS) game without any painful micromanagement, enhanced with JRPG systems. Your characters can level up, gain new abilities and yet also act smart when you aren’t controlling them directly.

The game has three distinct modes of play: Exploration, Combat and Character Advancement.


If you have questions about Project Phoenix, its game play, the Kickstarter rewards, or anything else, you can peruse the FAQ linked below. If you have further questions about the stretch goals, there is also a page just for that.


Project Phoenix is a Japanese RPG combined with a squad-based Real Time Strategy game created by a team of talented Eastern and Western developers and artists who have worked on many blockbuster videogame titles.

In essence, Project Phoenix breaks new ground in many ways, including:

  • Being Kickstarter's FIRST Japan-based video game project!
  • Bringing together top-notch talent, combining Eastern AND Western developers with TONS of AAA experience!
  • Being Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu's FIRST indie game project EVER!
  • Having art that balances Western functionality with Japanese aesthetics!
  • Being a JRPG developed by JRPG veterans!

Currently, the game’s planned release date is set for June 2015 and will be available for PC, iOS, and Andriod mobile devices.

The Story

An angel named Rafel has come to the world of Azuregard with no idea of how she got there, but coming at a time where strife and chaos threaten to tear the world apart.

The orcish clans, mankind's ancient enemy, have begun migrating from the mountains and their raids upon human settlements become more brazen and audacious by the day. If this wasn't enough, the denizens of the southern coastal regions hear rumor of the free men who, once vanquished, have emerged, artifact in hand. They are grim, determined, and more organized than ever before, with their energies set towards toppling the Empire.

Amidst the stirrings of war, the elves watch a fateful star and recognize it as a portent that will decide the fate of all those who live on Azuregard. It is within these tumultuous times that the angel Rafel finds herself in a struggle to find her place in the world and perhaps... even save it from itself.