Satsuki Kagamizu

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Satsuki the Samurai.

Samurai of Akitsu[edit | edit source]

Satsuki has fully embraced her training as an accomplished samurai of Akitsu and carries an earnest demeanor when it comes to most things. In fact, it’s often said that she’s so serious that she seems to be unable to immediately grasp the humor in many situations. She is very kind, thoughtful and introspective, though any enemy would be wise not to underestimate her as she’s capable of cutting her opponents with a single stroke from her finely honed sword skills.

Like many renowned samurai of this time period, she has a fair judgement of what is perceived as right and wrong. The sword that she carries has been used many times to bring about the unfortunate fate set aside for anyone who dares cross her.[1][2][3]

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