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As many other Kickstarter campaigns, Project Phoenix uses stretch goals to explain how extra fundings will be used. The 800,000$ stretch goal was added in the course of the campaign as fan service for supporters.

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Detailed Explanations of Stretch Goals[edit | edit source]

$300,000[edit | edit source]

Nobuo Uematsu, aside from composing the main theme of the game, will compose all major motifs. The developers will also be able to double the number of models in the game that were originally planned, from NPCs and Monsters to Items and Props, etc. improving the the variety.

$650,000[edit | edit source]

The developers will be able to make all the cities and towns completely explorable. This would provide a better experience than if you were limited to fast travel between the stores and main buildings of the towns. They will also be able to implement the ability to customize all non-main playable characters.

$800,000[edit | edit source]

Backers that pledge $50 or more will receive a digital copy of a poster, and those who pledge $120 or more will receive the physical copy as well. The artwork will be a Kickstarter exclusive, and will not be included in the limited edition art book or be released ever again. This is a thank you bonus for backers and will not expend game-funds in any way.

$1,025,000[edit | edit source]

With this goal, Azuregard becomes unlocked for you to explore. It's not the same overworld that you may attribute to other JRPGs; your characters will not suddenly merge into each other and become one being. The same group of characters that you use to do battle will tactically roam the world, and when you stop, they will respond by taking up offensive/defensive positions specific to their class and character type. The adventures will briefly come across the kraken, but if this stretch goal is reached this monster storyline will be expanded into an arc of it's own.

$1,650,000[edit | edit source]

The Eminence Symphony Orchestra, Nobuo Uematsu, and John Kurlander will all be flown to Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia. Once there they will collaborate on the Project Phoenix music, and record all of the orchestral tracks for the game. The developers will also be writing two additional zones into the story, as well as side stories for these areas.

$2,175,000[edit | edit source]

Advanced Skill trees and increased Japanese/English voiceacting. Also localization in French, Italian, and Spanish.

$2,800,000[edit | edit source]

Upgraded cinematics and animations, as well as more cinematic cutscenes.

$3,425,000[edit | edit source]

Separate 13th Legion Storyline Arc with completely new characters. Also a new character and a new class will be released.

$4,050,000[edit | edit source]

Multiplayer, Co-Op, and PVP will be introduced into the game.

$4,850,000[edit | edit source]

Guildhall and additional End Game content. Eminence and Nobuo Uematsu will record the soundtrack at Skywalker ranch, and will perform on the East Coast.